7 Most Famous Car Brands Around The World

Are you looking forward to owning one of the most famous cars in the world? Most people love to own these cars, but they do not know where to start. Read and discover these cars and what their names mean to help you purchase the car you love. Did you know Aston Martin comes from Lionel Hill, the founder of the brand?


Knowing these brands and their origin can be fascinating, and you get to understand where a particular brand originated. Here are great in insights about seven most famous car brands around the world:


  1. Aston Martin

The brand name Aston Martin is obtained partly from the name of the founder and his place of residence known as Aston Hill. The company acquired the name in 1914 and had its headquarters in London. Lionel Martin had an obsession with beautiful and luxurious things in life. He worked on excellent performance and was looking for perfection. That is how he came up with such iconic brand that is admired around the world.


  1. Audi


The company originated from an engineer from Germany known as August Horch in 1904. There was a misunderstanding among the partners for the company. It forced Forch to leave the company and started his own. It became known as August Horch in 1909. The engineer had to change the name of the company when a court in Germany cited infringement of the trademark. Audi is the name suggested by his son and is a Latin word with similar meaning to Horch in Germany.


  1. BMW


The company began in 1912, and this was after three companies from Germany merged to form BMW. The name of the company means Bavarian Motor Works (BMW). The organization became fully operational when the World War I eased. The first car to be manufactured was known as Dixie. The company operated under a license from Austin Motor.


  1. Cadillac


The brand name came from one of the greatest explorers of the world. Sieur de Cadillac was a French explorer who discovered Detroit in 1701 in Michigan. The company is among the oldest car brands in the United States and started in 1902. Many people know the company for manufacturing excellent cars full of luxury. General Motors took over the company in 1909.


  1. Chevrolet


Chevrolet which is also called Chevy began in 1911. It was started by William C Durant and Louis Chevrolet based in Detroit. It began known as Chevrolet Motor Company. The founder was a driver and also involved in automotive engineering. It had a nice tagline and was able to overtake Ford cars because people loved it.


  1. Datsun


It is a company based in Japan and many know it for producing small cars which are affordable. The company began in 1931, and the name came from initials of surnames which originated from the three partners. They are Rokuro Aoyama, Kenjiro Den and Meitaro Takeuchi. The company operated for three years before Nissan took over. The company was phased out by Nissan in 1986 but emerged strong in 2013 after re-launch.

  1. Ferrari


Everyone would love to own this luxurious car. It is a sport car that is sleek and stylish designed with class. The brand name comes from the founder, an Italian known as Enzo Ferrari. He was a racing driver in 1924. It was in 1939 when he quit the racing sport and began his own company. He built the first car within a year. Today Ferrari is a world famous car and it is known for the quality and stylish design. It is also luxurious and many would love the comfortable and sleek drive.